so you know

So it began

We met before I believed

You valued me before I knew i had any

It was the scariest thing because

now with you

i had something to loose



No room to breathe

afraid you would start to realize your mistake

to open you would fall into my black hole

in silence you would never know what you mean to me


So I created the middle path of the razor that cut me into a thousand new pieces

spilling out into a thousand directions.

No truth no lies

Noting but a shifting storm of memories

Falling into a valley of hopes

Not knowing even myself



a cloud of possibility

I began to forget the past

loosing grip of the future

Sometimes dust

Sometimes a gruesome blizzard of being

Sometimes the ecstasy of freedom

I tried to smile

to hide the blood that I was breathing

in me newly alive

for the first time


hiding no longer

Now a cloud

I am the winds child

I see the world and travel freely


Sometimes sitting so you can see me

near the earth

as the sun falls over the edge

turning pink so you know

how much you mean to me


jp 2013!

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