Year of the Phionix

i’ve been knocking at your door for so long
because i knew the whole universe was behind it

i have a vision
i am a vision
of the universe that
of the universe is
of the love of the universe is
everything you have ever dreamed impossible, possible

can now be dreamed in double vision
a single set of hearts in rhythem united
the world needs to know the story of our love
the love of a lost soul wandering in the desert
who found a river of gifts and planted a city of dreams

you who have an infiinte heart that
bleeds beats
that sings heats
that loves souls all around the world
for the simple pleasure of loving
needs to be seen

it is 2012
it is your year that you set forth from the very first breath
before your birth to burst into flames of all that is and emBody
the love that life is
the love that life gives

you have no doubt of the miricle
there is no reason to get clerical
so stop righting the future and live it
stop fighting the love and give it

you are the miracle of a trillion years of perfectly conducted
experiments in experience
you hold the most beautiful treasure
open your chest
your heart is ready
your head is spinning
a new way of singing

the prismatic eye of everything
welcomes you with a song of
Ahhhhhhh YESSSS

you are a sparkling creature
you have empowerd the shadows to fly
it is your turn to soar
to scour the sky for your new home

i know this because i am the ghost of your future
you called me here to remind me of our date with
destiny bestiny BOO!
i am the ghost of the future of you
i have whispered to you and tickled your toes as a baby

fly baby fly
you are the sky
and the moon and the sun
you are the only one
that is
infinite you

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