Web of Life Ceremony

7.7.13 (sun-Day)

Web of life Ceremony

We are connected to everything in the web of life.

Let us come together in gratitude and vision.

A ceremonial Space will be created.

The rainbow that weaves us together will shared.

Everyone will have a chance to speak and weave their sacred breath together.

The infinite that we sit in circle rings out.

It seals the moment with a blessing and carries us into the world as the wonderful gathering comes to a close.

A small sacred gift will be shared with all to symbolize the connection.

A Web of Life Ceremony will be held at Sacred World Interdependence Day 7.7.13 (sun-Day). A wonderous gatering hosted by the Heart Beat Collective Starting on the 4th. Registration is still open! www.heartbeatcollective.org/swid


If you wish to connect to the web of life ceremony from afar know that there is a rainbow thread that ties us all together. You can connect at 10 am EST on Sunday the 7th (or at another time with the circle in mind). Take a moment for gratitude for the web. Sit quietly connecting to breath. Knowing life  around the world is connected through breath. Take a moment to speak gratitude out loud. Take a moment to speak vision out loud. You can blow these into a sacred object. If you have something you would like to share about your experience please send it along.



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