Tribe of Infinite Beauty

The Tribe of Infinite Beauty is a new group rite that is growing. The Tribe of Infinite Beauty rite has been shared with international groups of healers in Hawaii, England, California, and Boston since its emergence in early 2012. Each person who explores this rite helps to add to its beauty and depth.

These rites carry the power of paradox, flexible ways of understanding the universe, and the power of creating through how we see the world. We will create from a place where seeming opposites converge in a powerful vibration. Beauty can be described as a harmony between exhilaration and serenity. The tribe of infinite beauty can be described as a celebration of individual expression and the deep bonds of oneness with a community.

These rites are often shared in a ceremonial circle, but can be shared one on one. Often they are shared in a teaching ceremony. The ceremony’s topics will be personal and global in nature. We will look at the patterns in the world, in our natural setting, and in ourselves as we make the offering. The ceremonial elements will be our personal objects and natural objects from the land. We will go on a shamanic journey to prepare and let spirit guide the form of the offering. Each event that these rites are shared is unique and brings a new refection and understanding to them and the people that share them.

There will be many opportunities to experience these rites, Stay Tuned.


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