Summer Solstice Ceremony

I was traveling through California during the Summer Solstice so my celebration was held 6/25/12. It was a beautiful summer evening and the ceremony coincided perfectly with an intense thunderstorm. As the light flashed around the five of us we held a ceremony to honor the beauty of the few days of summer that have already begun. Soooo much magic already was present for us all. I had received a BEE-UTIFUL despacho kit prepared by my dear friend Caryn Murray Haas. It was a ton of fun to use her carefully crafted kit. All of the symbols were explained which allowed new-Bees to add to the gift with confidence. We created a lighting bolt starfish and bee stickers on our third eyes. Laughter was the medicine. Wild flowers circled the gift mountain.

As the thunder and lightning ceased we played Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys and Rainbowarriors by CocoRosie. I have a feeling these songs are going to set the tone for this summer.

A huge thank you to Caryn and a congratulations on her new business.
check out her site:

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