Sacred World Interdependence Day

I will be sharing Tribe of Infinite Beauty rites at Sacred World Interdependence Day this year. This is the 5th year of this gathering, and it will be held at Earthlands, a beautiful stretch of life near the Quabbin Reservoir, MA.

July 6th-8th only $50 for the entire gathering, or you can have a shorter stay.

There are so many reasons that I am excited to be sharing at this event. As a origin point of connection and independence and community. A place of experiencing the beauty of connecting to the web and our individual expression. I am so grateful for this time to give and receive in community. In my own personal history my first trip when I moved from California was to Earthlands in 1997. I went to spend a week with a friend who was learning about organic farming. It was such a new world for me. An explosion of ideas and experiences. There was a gathering there at the time. I remember being invited to a circle to sing songs around a fire. It was so simple and joyful. I am so happy to get to circle there again. All are welcome, follow the link for details.

Sacred World Interdependence Day

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