Notes on the Studio Celebration and Ceremony

It was great to gather with and see everyone and share the art I have been making. The Crystal Rayograms are an exciting way to explore a variety of ideas. The story of light and darkness is flipped in them. The paper that is light struck becomes increasingly darker and the areas that avoid the light are the white parts of the images. This tells a interesting story of the cycle of light creating darkness.

One of the inspirations for these prints was to record the crystals before they are dispatched to sites around the world. The project is called the Lumerian Crystal Network The features of each sites offer a unique idea. Some are already recognized as important sacred sites. Other sites stand out as being a unique vibration that would be awesome to connect to. Some of the crystals in these images are already at Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor, and Herring Cove in Cape Cod, MA. This week more will be planted in California. These images hold the direct imprint of the crystals light; the imprint of their vibration.

The ceremony was powerful. The Rites of Infinite Beauty were shared with connection being the theme of the ceremony. Everyone present synchronized to be A Scorpio or Scorpio Rising. After the ceremony and rites we did a reading of crystals and mint. It showed a vortex of movement. An explosion of possibility, of life. We rotated the reading to become aware of each others perspective, which shifted the energy dramatically.

We began to each share our dream for the year and make it happen immediately in the room. Wanting to have more people to REALLY look at their work was the first expression. We all looked and this lead to a series of group synchronicities, like finding out we all shared the Scorpio sign. Another person expressed a desire to go off medication. The group offered a healing and insights to make it possible. Through this action someone got to share their knowledge and another got to share her services which were connected to their dreams for the year.

There was a whole new level of personal power through connection with ourselves fully and the group that was experienced in this circle. It was such an honor. It has also given me a great understanding of the magnitude of these rites that I have received from spirit.

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