my answer: we.

all of the creatures of the earth will be under this moon
a second moon in the month we call august
yet they do not count days
they do not lie their thoughts upon a grid seven squares long
dripping through all time that has ever existed

what day of the week was love created?
what day of the week do we learn to speak the language of the sky?
what day of the week does the madness end?

my answer:

please understand
i love to draw on a grid
i love being able to see time stretch out
in the shapes we call years
in dreaming we call plans

but now?
to do what is right right now
is this something we forgot?
to live in our point of power

to live the way of the dophin
the entire world their home
ocean dining room
is it all it is flow
no appointments broken
because there is nothing to appoint
yesterday tomorrow today
converge and become

we have spent ourselves
saving time
saving money
saving our stuff thing universe

to save the dolphins
let us save ourselves
let us live enjoy
let us live

in this moment of mine to live means
to speak from the deep
and this is what it says
“let love teach”

my heart goes out to people that use their power
in bloody fearful ways
they no nothing better?!
history is spun thick with wrongdoings
and finger pointing
generating more
wrongdoing finger pointing madness

let us not shame but teach
is that not what we all need
someone who knows a new way

i fantasize about love mobs
surrounding people of influence at the brink of a new way
thousands of people breathing like the ocean outside their window
whispering “we believe in you”

“we believe you will see
using your power to create beautiful miracles
is your new passion”

this dream begins in whispering this to myself.
“using my power
to create beautiful miracles
is my passion”

what day does the madness end?
what day was love created?
what day do we learn to speak the language of the sky?

my answer:

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