golden spider presents the great wheel of stuff

there is a lesson in every question

there is a question in every day

there is a day in every lifetime

when blood is traded for rock the earth cries out in confusion

rock is rock

blood is blood

why do you create you own killer

why do you kill your own mother

why are you blind to your own movement

why do you mouth the words of monsters

why do you sell the air of children

why do you you leave each day empty of life

and full of it

a seed is worth more than a thousand bullets

when you understand the true health of people

you no longer cut the life-line to mystery out of fear of what is unknown

the golden spider can show you something

she will hold a mirror

watch yourself cling to death

watch yourself cling to unspeakable violence

see the gun you hide in your house

And if you can see there is a chance

you can change

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