“Are you ok?”

“Are you ok?”

Over this past week this question has become a mantra.

I have been asked this.

I have asked it of others.

A prayer of well being in a question.

“I am ok”

is what i said

Today someone asked

and there was silence.

Today I said

“I am everything.”


as the prism of experiences are felt


as the stream of time passes by


as the wheel of humanity spins within

i am everything


we are everything

the question is

when will we see everything?


fear hate joy pleasure sadness anger love ecstasy peace

exist together

from a place of all things

from a place of vision

we have a choice

of what we radiate

and what we radiate

becomes the world

becomes our world



my dear human family

We are very becoming

We are always becoming

let us choose our becoming

Feet Grounded. Heart Open. Minds Clear.


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