how strong we are

Sometimes the universe pushes us to see how strong we are. Sometimes the spiritual gift a person gives us is the opportunity to say “No Thank You” with the rainbow thunder of all creation. Sometimes people don’t expect us to do this. We are not responsible for others only for our own walk. It is a gift to have a light. It is a gift to share it. The exchange of gifts is a choice. To understand this is freedom for the self and others.

Nice vs. Kind

Lessons on this subject have been coming forth lately. Being nice is almost an addiction. In those moments that we have to choose what is true within vs. the thing that will quickly please others, many of us have been trained to please. Kindess can be displeasing in the moment. But it plants the seed of truth about a situation. This truth transforms it. Maybe not instantly, but it does transform it. Kindess requires a deeper listening to spirit/self. The energy used honoring truth will come back. It comes back in a wave. It comes back in a radiant wave that blesses the world with light. And this feeds everything.

web of people

I have found connecting with the larger groups at the Teas and Speaks as essential. It is foundational work. It is building a web of people that see there is hope. A web of people willing to consider the magnitude of simple and profound actions. A web of people ready to do, day by day building a wider structure of connection that honors life.


We all have a great potential. Sometimes a great teacher. An inspiration; A person who knows a different way can give us a wake up call to our true potential.

This is my favorite kind of teacher, someone who helps me recognize something within myself. This is what working with David L. Sanipass has been like for me. This is what working with the people that are drawn to these teachings has been like for me. This is why pour energy and passion into this work. The more given the more I get back. Magic.

todays status update

It feels good to stop hiding who I am. From a very young age I believed in a way of being. A way of sharing and openness and love. A way of hope that is birthed from realizing we as humans have buit the structure we live in. Meaning we can change it when we decide we want to. It is all about the desire to change. As I got older I got confused. Some people said otherwise. That the world has to be this way “because.” I would be ashamed because I couldn’t understand the “because”. I felt lonely. Now the people of the way of kindess are finding each other. The ones who see another way. It feels like home. It feels like what I always knew to be true is surfacing. Believing that life is a precious gift. Treating all that you encounter with that in mind. Its amazing me that I had become ashamed of this part of myself. How did this happen, becoming ashamed of being loving open and having faith? That question seems less important than reclaiming my love and faith. How do I allow my light to shine fully? How do I bring this forward in the world? How do I really want to be? these are the questions I ask. The answers are personal. WE all know what we really need to do. Begin by taking care of yourself. Letting go of what weighs us down. Truly nourishing ourselves and through that the world.

New daily routine:

Wake up.
Experience profound gratitude.
Live well.
Be Kind.
Let the details unfold.
Gratitude for the small things.
Awareness of the big things.
Do my best.
Be thankful for all.