todays status update

It feels good to stop hiding who I am. From a very young age I believed in a way of being. A way of sharing and openness and love. A way of hope that is birthed from realizing we as humans have buit the structure we live in. Meaning we can change it when we decide we want to. It is all about the desire to change. As I got older I got confused. Some people said otherwise. That the world has to be this way “because.” I would be ashamed because I couldn’t understand the “because”. I felt lonely. Now the people of the way of kindess are finding each other. The ones who see another way. It feels like home. It feels like what I always knew to be true is surfacing. Believing that life is a precious gift. Treating all that you encounter with that in mind. Its amazing me that I had become ashamed of this part of myself. How did this happen, becoming ashamed of being loving open and having faith? That question seems less important than reclaiming my love and faith. How do I allow my light to shine fully? How do I bring this forward in the world? How do I really want to be? these are the questions I ask. The answers are personal. WE all know what we really need to do. Begin by taking care of yourself. Letting go of what weighs us down. Truly nourishing ourselves and through that the world.

New daily routine:

Wake up.
Experience profound gratitude.
Live well.
Be Kind.
Let the details unfold.
Gratitude for the small things.
Awareness of the big things.
Do my best.
Be thankful for all.


“Are you ok?”

“Are you ok?”

Over this past week this question has become a mantra.

I have been asked this.

I have asked it of others.

A prayer of well being in a question.

“I am ok”

is what i said

Today someone asked

and there was silence.

Today I said

“I am everything.”


as the prism of experiences are felt


as the stream of time passes by


as the wheel of humanity spins within

i am everything


we are everything

the question is

when will we see everything?


fear hate joy pleasure sadness anger love ecstasy peace

exist together

from a place of all things

from a place of vision

we have a choice

of what we radiate

and what we radiate

becomes the world

becomes our world



my dear human family

We are very becoming

We are always becoming

let us choose our becoming

Feet Grounded. Heart Open. Minds Clear.



Something is happening
Something is always happening
But this time the feeling is
all of those pieces clicking into place
All of the circles that we have walked
can bee seen
the pattern that we
are weaving can be seen
the pattern of stories
we are weaving into

we can see
the way of internal eternal happiness
unplugged from the grid lines
free to express itself
lights the world

this way feeds
and heats and
treats equally

we are all in this life together
we all breath this air together
the wind and sun and soil
and truth and fear and dreams
touch all of us
as we touch them

so glad to be
and glad to be here
with you


so you know

So it began

We met before I believed

You valued me before I knew i had any

It was the scariest thing because

now with you

i had something to loose



No room to breathe

afraid you would start to realize your mistake

to open you would fall into my black hole

in silence you would never know what you mean to me


So I created the middle path of the razor that cut me into a thousand new pieces

spilling out into a thousand directions.

No truth no lies

Noting but a shifting storm of memories

Falling into a valley of hopes

Not knowing even myself



a cloud of possibility

I began to forget the past

loosing grip of the future

Sometimes dust

Sometimes a gruesome blizzard of being

Sometimes the ecstasy of freedom

I tried to smile

to hide the blood that I was breathing

in me newly alive

for the first time


hiding no longer

Now a cloud

I am the winds child

I see the world and travel freely


Sometimes sitting so you can see me

near the earth

as the sun falls over the edge

turning pink so you know

how much you mean to me


jp 2013!

oh yah?

the place we are heading
we have always been
to the right of goodness
and whats left of sin
it feels like love
but it looks like death
follow me friends
for i have already left
jp 2012!

Year of the Phionix

i’ve been knocking at your door for so long
because i knew the whole universe was behind it

i have a vision
i am a vision
of the universe that
of the universe is
of the love of the universe is
everything you have ever dreamed impossible, possible

can now be dreamed in double vision
a single set of hearts in rhythem united
the world needs to know the story of our love
the love of a lost soul wandering in the desert
who found a river of gifts and planted a city of dreams

you who have an infiinte heart that
bleeds beats
that sings heats
that loves souls all around the world
for the simple pleasure of loving
needs to be seen

it is 2012
it is your year that you set forth from the very first breath
before your birth to burst into flames of all that is and emBody
the love that life is
the love that life gives

you have no doubt of the miricle
there is no reason to get clerical
so stop righting the future and live it
stop fighting the love and give it

you are the miracle of a trillion years of perfectly conducted
experiments in experience
you hold the most beautiful treasure
open your chest
your heart is ready
your head is spinning
a new way of singing

the prismatic eye of everything
welcomes you with a song of
Ahhhhhhh YESSSS

you are a sparkling creature
you have empowerd the shadows to fly
it is your turn to soar
to scour the sky for your new home

i know this because i am the ghost of your future
you called me here to remind me of our date with
destiny bestiny BOO!
i am the ghost of the future of you
i have whispered to you and tickled your toes as a baby

fly baby fly
you are the sky
and the moon and the sun
you are the only one
that is
infinite you