Web of Life Ceremony

7.7.13 (sun-Day)

Web of life Ceremony

We are connected to everything in the web of life.

Let us come together in gratitude and vision.

A ceremonial Space will be created.

The rainbow that weaves us together will shared.

Everyone will have a chance to speak and weave their sacred breath together.

The infinite that we sit in circle rings out.

It seals the moment with a blessing and carries us into the world as the wonderful gathering comes to a close.

A small sacred gift will be shared with all to symbolize the connection.

A Web of Life Ceremony will be held at Sacred World Interdependence Day 7.7.13 (sun-Day). A wonderous gatering hosted by the Heart Beat Collective Starting on the 4th. Registration is still open! www.heartbeatcollective.org/swid


If you wish to connect to the web of life ceremony from afar know that there is a rainbow thread that ties us all together. You can connect at 10 am EST on Sunday the 7th (or at another time with the circle in mind). Take a moment for gratitude for the web. Sit quietly connecting to breath. Knowing life  around the world is connected through breath. Take a moment to speak gratitude out loud. Take a moment to speak vision out loud. You can blow these into a sacred object. If you have something you would like to share about your experience please send it along.



strange paradise

We live in a strange paradise.
We are abundant but have moved the stuff to weird places.
We are infinite yet create an expiration date with how we live.

worry digs us deeper
Everything changes

when we put

Hope and vision
destruction and division

the sacred wall

magic magic
is the wall
post your thoughts
for one for all

to speak
a sacred act
voice your fear
or “fact”?

open your heart
clear those eyes
what you say multiplies
fast like rainbow lightening flies

be it
or wise

approach the sacred wall
and know

you are the source
energy flow
as above and so below
create and share
live and grow

conscious that
time does show
what we speak becomes
what we know

jp 2013!


water travels freely around the world
and showers us with distant messages

once the massive movement of oceans
travels in the sky

regarded as “bad weather”
by some because their something gets wet
but we would have nothing at all
to get wet
without rain

So as it falls remember that everything
that grows
lives through the cycles of rain

rain is not in the way of life
it is the way of life

golden spider presents the great wheel of stuff

there is a lesson in every question

there is a question in every day

there is a day in every lifetime

when blood is traded for rock the earth cries out in confusion

rock is rock

blood is blood

why do you create you own killer

why do you kill your own mother

why are you blind to your own movement

why do you mouth the words of monsters

why do you sell the air of children

why do you you leave each day empty of life

and full of it

a seed is worth more than a thousand bullets

when you understand the true health of people

you no longer cut the life-line to mystery out of fear of what is unknown

the golden spider can show you something

she will hold a mirror

watch yourself cling to death

watch yourself cling to unspeakable violence

see the gun you hide in your house

And if you can see there is a chance

you can change

how strong we are

Sometimes the universe pushes us to see how strong we are. Sometimes the spiritual gift a person gives us is the opportunity to say “No Thank You” with the rainbow thunder of all creation. Sometimes people don’t expect us to do this. We are not responsible for others only for our own walk. It is a gift to have a light. It is a gift to share it. The exchange of gifts is a choice. To understand this is freedom for the self and others.

Nice vs. Kind

Lessons on this subject have been coming forth lately. Being nice is almost an addiction. In those moments that we have to choose what is true within vs. the thing that will quickly please others, many of us have been trained to please. Kindess can be displeasing in the moment. But it plants the seed of truth about a situation. This truth transforms it. Maybe not instantly, but it does transform it. Kindess requires a deeper listening to spirit/self. The energy used honoring truth will come back. It comes back in a wave. It comes back in a radiant wave that blesses the world with light. And this feeds everything.

web of people

I have found connecting with the larger groups at the Teas and Speaks as essential. It is foundational work. It is building a web of people that see there is hope. A web of people willing to consider the magnitude of simple and profound actions. A web of people ready to do, day by day building a wider structure of connection that honors life.


We all have a great potential. Sometimes a great teacher. An inspiration; A person who knows a different way can give us a wake up call to our true potential.

This is my favorite kind of teacher, someone who helps me recognize something within myself. This is what working with David L. Sanipass has been like for me. This is what working with the people that are drawn to these teachings has been like for me. This is why pour energy and passion into this work. The more given the more I get back. Magic.